Friday, October 21, 2016

Things I love about Halloween....

Halloween, I love you so much.  I love your pumpkins, witches and all other slightly scary things.  You have always been my favorite holiday.  You are all about fun and not about presents.  You are all about dressing up and not about stressful shopping.  You are all about spooky and not about endless wrapping of gifts, making major meals,  and the worrying about making the holiday nice for everyone.  I mean who does not have a good time on Halloween?  And of course you are all about candy, not something I can have but my kids sure like it, even in small doses.

So here is to Halloween.  I have been decorated for a week.  Even though I am trying to reduce my decorations every year, I still have lots to make it festive.  Little B's costume is almost finished, just a few tweaks to the walker decorations and I am done.  The candy has been purchased,and not been opened yet!  And Little One will be ready to be dressed up for his school celebration and of course trick or treating in the evening.  

Mr. 22 will officially be Mr. 23 on Halloween, another reason to celebrate which I am sure he will do in style.  

My favorite Halloween decoration will be blogged about next week.  If you have been reading my blog for over a year I am sure you will know what it is.   Here is hoping it is feeling festive at your house!
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A trip to the farm............

It is that time of year again where there are things to do to celebrate Fall, even though it is still pretty warm out here.  This means visiting the near by farm for their annual fundraiser, they work with children with Autism year round.  It is one of Little Buddy's favorite places to visit.  This is the third year in a row we have attended.  We get there as early as we can so he has more room to walk around with his walker, and to have a little less wait in line for the activities.

We always start with a pony ride.  Little Buddy loves it once he relaxes a bit.  I would love to give him therapy on a horse, it helps loosen up the pelvis and the tight muscles that want to keep his legs together.  There is not much time for that in our schedule but I hope to do it soon, it would be so good for him. 

There were lots of sheep and pigs in the barn.  There were even bunnies that dig holes in the ground to keep cool.  Little Buddy tried to give the sheep a kiss through the pen. 

The absolute highlight of the trip is a ride on Thomas the Train!  Oh my, could life get anymore exciting?  

Dad took him on Thomas twice and I took him on one time before the line got very long.  There are only three little cars so you have a long wait if you don't get on right away.  Here he is waving at all of you!

We saw lots of animals, a camel, llamas, a giant turtle, and cows.  We also saw two beautiful white wolf dogs and this Zorse, a zebra/horse!  Do you remember her from last year?

We only saw one alpaca, Princess Petunia.

Little Buddy has waited an entire year to go on the cow train.  You have to have good sitting stability and trunk control to ride on this ride as it is very bumpy and there are no parents allowed.  Last year he was not that far along so we have been talking about it and decided he could do it when he was five.  Well wouldn't you know the ride was not working this year.  But Little B got to sit in the cars which was the next best thing to taking a ride on it.  He wants to go back as soon as the cow train is fixed.

He also got to sit on the tractor that pulls the cow train!  Little Buddy had the best time.  But I have to tell you I am exhausted!  Carrying this very heavy, 35 pound boy around when he could not use his walker is tiring!  Next week he goes to another farm and then in early November he visits the farm we were at today for a field trip with his school.  Dad will be attending with him, hopefully that cow train will be fixed by then.

I have had a very busy week so have been out of touch as far as blogging goes.  I am trying to catch up, hope you are all well.

Have a great week.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

This and that on a Sunday.......

This was the sunset Friday evening after many of the clouds from Hurricane Matthew had dissipated.  Thank you all for your well wishes from the storm, for all of your private emails and mentions here on the blog.  This side of the state was unharmed.  We had a bit of a breezy day, very little rain, actually it was quite nice out.  Our schools were canceled on Friday just in case, and Mr. 19 was home from his school in Orlando, it being canceled on Thursday and Friday.  He ended up watching Little Buddy for me while I went to work on Friday.  It worked out perfectly, especially because Little Buddy did his business in his diaper while he was being seen by his Speech Therapist, she took care of the clean up.  This is a direct quote from Mr 19, "I am so glad she was here because last time I changed his diaper it took me 40 minutes to get it on right."  He returns to Orlando this afternoon, it has been fun having him home for this unplanned visit.


Suddenly it is looking a little bit more like Autumn around here.  I picked up some sunflowers at the grocery store last week, they are so fun to see on my table.  I cleaned and decorated for Halloween yesterday.  Fun life I have I know, Saturdays are catch up days for me at home, all boring work that has to be done.  I am working on Little Buddy's costume for Halloween, he is going to be Chase from Paw Patrol.

Yesterday I looked outside and saw this amazing event.  Leaves turning colors!  This does not usually happen until December down here in Florida, and even then the colors are usually very muted.  I was so excited I risked being eaten alive by mosquitoes this morning to get this photo.

My wonderful sister Claudia wrote an amazing post about one of our candidates yesterday.   After all that has transpired this past weekend it was more than time these things were said.  Once again she is my hero for speaking her mind, for not shying away from the reality of the situation, and for not being afraid to speak her mind and potentially lose followers.

I love this little boy of mine so much.  He deserves a world were everyone is respected and treated fairly.  He put together a 24 piece puzzle all by himself yesterday.  I was so proud of him.  He went potty twice on the potty, and woke up this morning, crawled up into my Grandmother's rocker and read some books.   Little B is my hero, too! 
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No more lectures, at least for a while.......

Autumn has not arrived here in Florida, we actually don't ever have much Autumn at all.  So last weekend I hung up my glitter leaves from last year in the windows in my family room/kitchen area.  I love to see them sparkle as they twirl in the air.  No other decorating has been done as of yet.  I am up to my eye balls getting my sons rooms cleaned up for painting and of course putting them all back together again.  Plus Little Buddy wants Halloween to come quickly, he is excited about Aunts returning and a potential visit from Aunt Claudia and Uncle Don.  If I put those decorations up now he won't understand why they aren't all here yet!

While getting organized this past weekend I decided it was high time my brothers children had the few items I have been holding onto for them.  My brother died 25 years ago this past September.  I had been keeping two trucks for his sons and these sweet leather shoes for his daughter.  I have packed them all up and they are on the way to Michigan and Chicago.  I will miss having them here with me but it is time they went where they were intended to go all along. 

I was completely spoiled this past weekend when I got a box left on my front porch.  A gift from Araignee's Tangled Web.  Would you just look at all of this lovely soap, lotion and a foot fizzy.  I want you to go right over to her blog and and give her a shout out.  Araignee is amazing in all that she gets done and how absolutely, incredibly generous she is.  Really Araignee has giveaways all the time and frankly I did not deserve this as I have already won one of them.  Go over there right now, go and make sure you follow her blog so you can throw your name in to get another amazing bundle next time it is offered.  Thank you Araignee for your generosity.

Jennifer over at thistlebear is hosting a Winter Project Link Party.  I am going to join in again this year with much more manageable aspirations than last year.  My only goal at this point is to finish this sweater.  As you recall from a few months ago I am making Harvest by Tin Can Knits.  I am enjoying this sweater a lot but am having difficulty finding the time to knit it.  I am determined to get it done even though I have to admit I have veered from the pattern several times, not because I had planned to, I just got distracted and knit extra rows and such.  I am almost at the bottom of the sweater and ready to get busy with the sleeves.

I appreciate all of your comments on my last post.  I have to tell you I am a believer in free speech, you do not have to agree with me at all.  But if you are not nice, and frankly not accurate with your facts I will not publish your comment.  It is that simple.  

Happy Autumn everyone, hope it is more Fall-like where you are!
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Much on my mind on this Sunday................

Lets start with a photo of Fall flowers, a beautiful gift from a good friend.  I am in a mood so I am warning you about it right now.  I am over this election as many of you are.  The unbelievable disrespect for women in this election is putting me over the edge.  I am a Feminist, and I say that proudly.  I am an advocate for equal rights for women in all areas of life.  Women should be treated equally and have all the opportunities men do.  And frankly in 2016, in the United States of America, that is sadly not the case.  We are paid 78% of what men are paid.  Women make up only 19.4% of the seats in congress and as we very well know there has never been a woman president.  If you think that is because no woman has been capable you are sadly mistaken.  I found this amazing site Status of Women which tells us how individual states rank in terms of economic equality, health care, etc for women.  Florida gets pretty bad grades, which is not a surprise to me.  Ranking 37th in employment and earnings for women, and 30th for health care. 

Being a full fledged Feminist does not mean I am anti-men, it means that I demand equal rights for everyone of every sex, color, religion and culture.  The word Feminist has some how gotten a bad reputation, it shouldn't.  Many, many women have fought over the years to get us this far and we still have a long way to go.  Equal pay helps reduce poverty, which in turn cuts down on government dependence.  Equal pay helps grow the economy, such a simple thought that some how gets left in the dust during our election cycle.

I think that Hillary Clinton, with her knowledge and her background is an amazing woman.  If you say she is a liar you must look at her opposing candidate, you must listen to all the lies he says.  She takes all the hits thrown her way with grace, that much can not be said for her opponent.  In terms of gender equality, can you imagine if she had interrupted her opponent in the debate over 50 times?  Can you imagine if she had talked over her opponent and the moderator as much as her opponent did, or even less than he did?  She would have been called all sorts of things that her opponent was not.  Can you imagine if she went on a Twitter storm and called a man horrible, degrading names and made issue with his body?  She is held to a completely different standard and is judged by her looks, not smiling enough, smiling too much, or being, "over prepared."  Frankly I want my president to be over prepared on all issues, whether my president is male or female.

 I am not asking you to change your vote, your vote is entirely up to you.  What I am asking is for you to fact check when you hear something, not just assume it is right. Fact check on a non-partisan site so you get a true answer, not one that is in favor of either candidate, it is just the truth.  Politifact is a great site that will let you know the truth on both candidates.  I am asking you to think of your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and the little girl next door.  I am asking that you think of the world you want them to live in, that we give them the equal rights they so deserve.  That they, like everyone else, should be treated with respect in their communities, in their work place and in their homes.  What kind of a world do we want to leave our children, our children of every sex, color, religion and background, that is how you should vote.  I know you all love Little Buddy, he is an amazing little boy.  I think of how he will be treated in life and I want him to have equal opportunities also.  I want him to be judged by what he has to offer, not be shunned by his disability.  I have raised two young men that I have taught that they are not special because they are male, or Caucasian.  They are special by who they are and what they can contribute.  They have been taught that they must treat everyone equally, every single person, not just who is convenient and who has the same belief system as them.  Every. Single. Person!  That includes the person they don't like and don't agree with.  That is the world I want Little Buddy to grow up in.  A world where everyone is equal no matter your sex, color, religious belief or background.  That is who a Feminist is, not a women lover at the expense of men, simply a lover of all.

I may lose many of you with this post, so sorry about that but I cannot hide who I am and I am a proponent for equality in all forms.  Don't you think Little Buddy deserves a better world?  I do.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

37,444 yards and some new wheels..........

37,444 yards is not the amount I have walked this week, or even this month.  37,444 yards is a rough estimate of how many yards of yarn I have in my stash.  37,444 yards is about 21.28 miles, astounding I know.

I decided to make a list of all the yarn I had in hopes I would be excited about it and get motivated.  You know me and lists, I like to make them for every occasion possible.  I did this a year ago but have given thousands of yards of yarn away, well I have added a few thousand too.  I decided I needed to have an accurate account of just what exactly I had in my stash.  

I have 55 different types of yarn which makes me wonder why I never seem to have the yarn I need for a project.  That is down from 63 types last year even though I have added loads of new yarn to my stash this year. 

So now you are witness to exactly how much yarn I have.  The only yarn not added were little bits and bobs of leftovers in a basket on one of the white shelves above.  I am coming clean with my stash and am determined to get more used up before I can buy more.

Of course right after I made that decision I got an email that my nearest yarn store is having an anniversary sale this Saturday.  I will not be deterred even with the chance to get yarn on sale.  Actually most of the yarn I have bought has been on sale so as you can see that only leads to trouble.

Some little one I know got a new set of wheels.  This was my next door neighbor's car when she was little.  She is now able to drive a real car with a parent so you can see how old this is.  It is in perfect condition and the battery still works.  But there is a catch, only big boys who wear underpants can get in it, that is the rule isn't it?

I know you all think I am mean, well I think so too but I have to find something to motivate Little Buddy to get more interest in being a big boy.  We will see how this works, so far nothing else has.

I thank you all for your well wishes for Mr.22.  He went to the burn clinic at the major teaching hospital near him yesterday.  They were thrilled with how he has healed.  He is on no restrictions anymore, but I told him to take it easy, that skin is very, very fragile.  If I showed you what it looks like now you would be horrified, but it is better and that is what is important.  Now to find something else to worry about........
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Flaum you and I are finished, and a story about Mr. 22.....................

Three hundred and fifty five days ago, I started Flaum.  It was love at first site, I was so into this sweater I could not get started fast enough.  I worked like crazy until things had to be made for Christmas.  I put Flaum aside and never got my mojo back.  You see Flaum taught me a lot, and the biggest thing I learned is that fisherman's rib is excruciatingly slow.  I mean slowwwwwww.................

It took forever to knit a row and because you knit into the stitch below it seemed to never get longer.  I had to pay attention, another thing I do not want to do when I knit these days.  I simply have no brain power left to knit anything complicated at the end of the day.  I put Flaum into a basket and put it right out in my family room so I could see it all the time and convince myself to get back at it.  When that didn't work I hid the basket in hopes I would miss seeing the project and rush to get back to it.  I told myself I would only work on it during the Olympics and that ended up being a big bust.  Finally this week I had a good ole talk with myself.  I was about half way through with this sweater but would it be worth the agony of the finish?  Would I wear a fisherman's rib sweater in wool, in Florida enough to justify the hours and hours of torture to get it done?  And of course the age old question, what the heck is wrong with me that I can't finish this sweater when so many others have done a great job on Ravelry?

After work on Tuesday I decided this was it.  I needed to get that sweater out of the basket, out of my head and back into yarn form.  Beautiful yarn ball form if I might add.  Yarn that kept catching on itself making me work almost as hard frogging the sweater as I did knitting it.  Now I have all these wonderful balls of yarn ready for another project that I hope to enjoy.  And I don't feel one bit guilty, I am still in awe of those who were successful with this pattern but as for me I am happy to put it all behind me and move forward.

So here is a story you might be interested in.  Let me just say from the start that no phone call from your son that starts with, "Mom, I did something stupid." ever ends up well.  Mr. 22 called me Monday night after a very long day at work and said those very words.  He had spilled boiling water on his leg and ankle trying to pour pasta water into a strainer.  It hit the side of the sink and went over the counter down on his foot.  I told him to hang up and take a photo of it and send it to me right away.  Yup you guessed it, it was pretty bad.  His leg was fine, a minor burn, but his poor ankle area was hit hard.  There was already a large flap of skin melted off, sorry for those of you who are squeamish.

I sent him the the ER, but in typical college boy form he went to an after hours clinic.  Sure enough it was a very involved second degree burn, they gave him medication, wrapped it up and sent him home.  The thing is that burns continue to deteriorate and should be watched very closely, they did not even ask him to return for a check up.  I got nightly updates and photos until Thursday night when it looked very bad to me.  At 9:45 I marched down to my neighbor in my PJ's, with my iPad, and showed her the photos.  She is our doctor and I love her, she thought he needed intervention that night.  But again he would not go, it was late and he had to be up early for his internship.  You can't make a 22 year old, who is about 1,000 miles away from you do anything!  He did agree to go after work on Friday.

He was sent to three different hospitals before anyone would touch him.  He finally got it all cleaned out and tended to and is now on pain medication, and wrapped up until he goes to a burn clinic on Wednesday.  Today he is still in a great deal of pain, those nerve endings took a big hit yesterday with all the clean up, but he is resting so that is good.  I am feeling better about it now but I tell you it has been a very worrisome week.  I was just about to hop on a plane and take matters into my own hands.  I won't show you any photos, it is really horrible to see.  I think his leg looked like a bad injury on a Halloween prop, it was gruesome.  I anticipate some scarring, I can work with all of that when he comes home at Christmas.  I don't want his ankle function to be limited in any way.  Until then he needs to heal.  Please keep your fingers crossed it continues to heal up nicely with no infection.  

So today I tried to catch my breath and let my Mom-Worry-Meter have a rest.  I ripped out old plants, weeded my completely overgrown garden and planted some mums and marigolds.   Supposedly deer do not like either of these plants but I am sure there will be a big buffet at my house tonight after I am asleep.  My deer tend to like everything they are not supposed to.  These were the very last of my summer flowers, a little posy to make me smile.  Mr. 19 came home for the weekend, another reason to make me smile.  Little Buddy and the potty training, well lets just say those smiles are very sporadic.

Hope you are having a great weekend and remember to be careful with boiling water.  An accident like that could happen to any of us.
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